About us

Welcome to El Bene Hospitals Limited, a leading healthcare institution in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, founded in 2002 by Dr. Raymond Nge and Dr. Ger van der Vlies. Originally conceived in 1993, our clinic has evolved into a fully registered hospital providing a range of services from pharmacy and ambulance support to advanced diagnostics, surgeries, and specialist consultations. Our vision is to establish a medical institution that delivers high-quality, affordable care and contributes to community development. With gratitude for choosing us, El Bene Hospital remains committed to your well-being, providing excellence and compassion in healthcare.

The begining
Project Inception and Registration (1993-2009)
Project Inception and Registration (1993-2009)
The El Bene project is a collaborative vision of Dr. Raymond Nge, the originator, and his friend, colleague, and mentor Dr. Ger van der Vlies [The El Bene Hospital project proposal June 2001]. It started from conception in 1993; to the write up in June 2001; to the actual take-off in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in April 2002. When it started in 2002, it was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as an enterprise and in 2009 was formally registered as EL BENE HOSPITALS LIMITED BY GUARANTEE. What started as a small clinic in a rented apartment with two workers: Dr. Raymond Nge [medical director] and one staff nurse/midwife Ms Blessing Ikinimore [the first matron] has grown to a staff strength of more than twenty workers
Financial Aid and Overseas Support

The initiation and take-off of the project was made possible by the direct financial aid from Mr. Harry & Miny Lenferink of Lemelerveld, Holland. The first three years were quite challenging but we enjoyed tremendous overseas support and goodwill from Dr. Ger and Ineke van der Vlies and Mr. & Mrs. H. Lenferink and later from their foundation [the het RAAM]. We also had local support from Mr. Steve Majebi [presently member El Bene board of directors], Seafloat Marine Services Limited and other companies who offered us retainership. It must be mentioned that the Lenferinks paid for our drug purchases/orders and shipment from IDA foundation, Amsterdam, Holland in the first three years of our operation which contributed immensely to the survival and reputation of the clinic. They also paid for a complete computer set: laptop, printer, and other accessories and a 40 KVA soundproof power generating set that was the main source of electric power supply for the clinic for more than 10 years.

Turning Point and Second Phase (2004-2008)

Dr. Ger van der Vlies was always looking for equipment and surgical supplies for the hospital and amongst several other supports and direct financial aid. He paid for the Toshiba Ultrasound scanning machine the hospital is still using. The visit of Ger van der Vlies and Harry Lenferink in November 2004 marked a turning point in the actualization of the El Bene vision/project. They saw and appreciated the modest accomplishments and level of progress then. Our benefactor Mr. Harry Lenferink formerly introduced the El Bene project to the RAAM Foundation for funding of the second phase of the project as conceived in the original vision and El Bene project proposal June 2001. The second phase involved the purchase of land and construction of El Bene hospital permanent site. This second phase of the project was delayed from 2005 to 2008 because of the challenges of doing business in Nigeria. The RAAM foundation provided the funding for the purchase of land for the permanent site and the initiation of the building.

Construction and Development (2009-2011)

In June/July 2009, there was a comprehensive review of the state of affairs of the El Bene project. This resulted in the beginning of construction of a well-advised and appropriately scaled-down version of the project to a one-storey building that would have the following: 2 consulting rooms, waiting area/reception, laboratory, pharmacy/dispensary, treatment/injection room, manager’s office, large theatre with ante room for sterilization, delivery/labour room, recovery room, and 12-bed inpatient facility and a 2-bedroom residential accommodation for a medical officer in residence. The building was completed in late 2011 and furnished/equipped with assistance from Dr. Ger van der Vlies and Mr. Harry Lenferinks, Steve Majebi, Pharm Azubuike Anyadike, and Engr Emeka Nwosu. A simple 4-room apartment block was added to accommodate some staff of the hospital and security personnel.

Future Plans and the Third Phase

For the third phase of the project, there is still ample space for EL HOSPITAL COMPLEX that will house a diagnostic center, a 24-bed hospital facility, physiotherapy, an indoor sports hall, and other amenities. This is where we are at the moment in terms of infrastructure. The hospital has a reputation for quality and affordable healthcare in Port Harcourt. The site in a serene environment, not far from the city center makes it out as an attractive destination for those seeking good medical care.


This project embodies a dream to establish a medical institution in Africa that offers high-quality care, fosters international cooperation, and contributes to community development while addressing healthcare professional migration


To provide the highest levels of health care at an affordable cost to all especially the less privileged; job satisfaction and fulfilment to the project team through a transparent and dynamic management in collaboration with partners, friends and benefactors from within and abroad.


Quality Healthcare, Poor Support, Global Exchange, Medical Partnerships, Staff Education, Aid Supervision, Staff Welfare, Community Development, HIV/AIDS Program, Health Outreach, Cancer Screening.